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Magazine : LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE | Issue : Courchevel | Dec 2018

Magazine :
BÂOLI | Issue : 2018

Magazine : LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE | Issue : French Riviera  | Summer 2018
Journalist :
Karine Monié   

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People are talking about it everywhere. Influence marketing is the new trend. But what is it, and why has this area now become key?
How can you gain greater visibility and awareness on the web? At a time when the Internet is now omnipresent and we spend more and more time at our screens, this question is legitimate and of course relevant.
In this context, influence marketing is gaining growing importance and is now an integral part of the communication strategy of those companies with their eyes on the future.
At the heart of everything is the influencer, a player that did not exist a few years ago but that has now become a real brand prescriber, recommending a product or experience to the community following him or her on the social networks. Some instagramers, bloggers, snapchatters or youtubers are followed by thousands or millions of people, due to their expertise in areas ranging from fashion to sport, tourism or design, among others. In the face of this phenomenon, new techniques relying on the power of influencers’ recommendations have emerged.
Evidence of the growing importance of this area comes in The Influencer Awards 2018 Monaco, which will take place on 7 October and will reward these new web talents.
Why use an influence marketing agency?
In this new context, platforms specialising in influence marketing offer brands the opportunity to identify influencers who can have the greatest impact on their target group.
The first ‘‘Influencers Agency’’ with real agents (not just an internet platform) that represent these web stars is based in Cannes, on the French Riviera. With a local, national and international field of action, Following Media agency proposes a customised system that favours influencers with a high rate of engagement, not just a large number of subscribers, allowing a community of followers engaged in line with their key interests to be addressed. This means that brands – from the most modest to the most luxurious– can be given a wide choice for targeting their campaigns via influencers specialised in their fields (fashion, beauty, cosmetics, fitness, travel, gastronomy) with the opportunity to also call upon professional models and brand ambassadors.
Real influencers do not focus only on the number of followers but on R.O.I. (return on investment), i.e. engagement of subscribers who lead to a higher conversion rate.
For a brand, using an influencer agent means benefitting from the services and advice of a professional who knows the brand, meets its unique needs, saves much time and identifies real subscriber accounts. For an influencer, being represented by an agent allows them to develop their business and speed up their advancement by giving their profile greater credibility and increasing the visibility of their account and followers community.
Gaining credibility, having the right positioning, analysing the impact of a campaign, and developing and maintaining relationships with brands and influencers are all elements that require a professional approach based on the new challenges of the digital world.